David Owens


David Owens has been active in the Boston area for more than thirty years, as a pianist, organist, composer, and conductor.  Trained at the Eastman School and the Manhattan School, Mr. Owens has logged much experience as a collaborative performer, partnering with hundreds of singers and instrumentalists in song, choral, and chamber literature.  

Mr. Owens’ compositions are published by Andrea Press and include symphonic works, choral pieces, and a three-act opera, in addition to chamber and solo pieces of varying sizes.  He has also worked as a music journalist, trying to heighten public awareness of listenable works from what he refers to as "Music Of Our Time And The Recent Past."  Albany Records has released a CD recording of several of Mr. Owens’ works, including his much-praised Sonata for Two Pianos (Albany Records TROY 1506).